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Jade - Yareyare desu ne~
Things that amused me today: iPod queueing up Haunted by Poe, then following it up with the Ghostbusters theme.

Internet troubles

Mithos - ...You're not serious.
FYI, when I got home yesterday, the internet wouldn't connect. It wouldn't connect at any point during the evening, and it didn't connect this morning. My stepsis says she paid the internet bill and the router seems to be working (if it's still not working by the time I get home today, I'll try resetting it), so I don't know what's up with it. For however long this state persists, though, I won't be around. If someone could make a post to that effect for me on Battle Fantasia, I'd much appreciate it. Internet's working again, never mind.

On more positive news, I figured out a great leveling trick in Bravely Default just in caseCollapse ) and I am maxing the hell out of all my jobs.

How many years

MAKUBEX - Deep Thought
"Even jokes have the weight of people's true feelings."

Quote I found. Something to remember.

I win!

Nia - Yay! ♥
Got past 50K words earlier this morning, but only actually completed the novel about 20 minutes ago. Signed, stamped, and validated just in the nick of time. I win again this year!

Now to deal with the fact that Maya Blue could not possibly contain the entire story I had in mind and had to be Volume 1 in a trilogy or something similar... Ah well, I'll worry about it later.


Sync - Sinking...
How do you simultaneously hate yourself and look down on others? How do you manage that? And more importantly, why can't you just go the hell away?

/deliberately oblique


Anthy - Sub Rosa
So a friend of mine talked me into getting a Nintendo 3DS, and I picked up Pokemon Y for it. I'm still pretty early in the game as I got this stuff just yesterday, but here's my friend code for parties interested.

Ayu Ohseki: 3668-8751-4617

NaNoWriMo 2013

Jade - Worryingly Cheerful
Doing it again this year, as I've told several people so far. I wasn't able to do any writing on Saturday due to tabletop, which takes up the entire day, and Sunday I wrote way less than I'd hoped to. Fortunately (?), I wasn't feeling hot Monday morning, so I made sure to catch up on my word count. By the time I finished, I was a bit behind the word count I wanted (8000) but well ahead of the word count suggested (6666) at 7660 words. The story's also flowing better now that I'm out of the introductory part, and I think the words I slammed down are actually pretty good--because this is a novel idea I've had since early 2004, and I've tried writing it a couple times only to have it fall on its face. Now that I've changed main characters and culled the cast a bit, it's coming out way better this time.

I also wanted to complete a previous novel, which got split into two and needed an extension on the first half, but I haven't started any writing on that yet... But that's okay because it doesn't need a full 50K worth of words to get finished. I'm thinking somewhere between 20K and 30K will be enough. I'll be writing 1000 wpd on that starting today, I think, and hopefully by the end of this month I'll have two completed novels. Since I wrote 100K worth of words last year, I'm pretty certain I can do this. We'll see by November 30, though!

State of the Alts

Anthy - Sub Rosa
Wow, I'm pretty sure I haven't done one of these in well over a year.

Battle Fantasia (and that's... it)
Anthy Himemiya: Anthy is Anthy! fuchi is apping Utena, and I am stoked for that. I don't have any particular plans with her, though Anthy is a sometimes food anyway due to her nature--neither a combatant nor especially social. Signum might come and duel Utena to drain her magical energy at some point, though, once we have an Utena, which will be interesting. Other than that, no particular plans.

Yukimi Amane/Ruet ley Cyndros: Yukimi and Ruet are an interesting pair in that they're two characters in one, each with very distinct personalities--Yukimi is overeager and socially awkward, while Ruet is elegant and charming but emotionally removed. I'm hoping to get Ruet and Michiru into a partnership as their Striker/Senshi selves, as they have a really good rapport so far, and Yukimi has made a couple of appropriately codependent friends too (Lera and Maron). She's been fun and I'm looking forward to more Knight Strikers cast, plus she'll be ICly becoming class rep along with sirusavi's character soon (with whom I also have a bunch of scenes planned), so there's plenty going on with her. No specific plans beyond rough sketches, but it's still early so I'm open.

Yeah, you can tell I haven't done one of these in over a year.

More BF stuff

Anthy - Sub Rosa
Opening was last night, and I sent Anthy to the Kaoru-chan donuts scene that staff ran. It didn't last super-long since it had a late start and everyone got tired fast, but it was pretty nice and I enjoyed myself! A little sad that no one remarked on a certain detail of my closing pose, but so it goes; it was midnight by the time that happened and everyone was tired. My cast is slowly filling up as well--there's a Touga now, Miki is closing, an Akio is potentially in the works, Saionji and Juri may or may not get apped at some point down the road, and I know at least two people who are considering apping OC duelists. I suppose I ought to swap out some of my icons so I have an Anthy one in here, though I'll probably keep this one as my default; it works way too well for that to replace.

Meanwhile, I've been saying all this time that I'm only going to app one character on BF, and I really meant that at the time! But now a friend, who originally wasn't even going to app on the game, showed me his OC concept theme, and while I've seen a few BF OC themes so far that I liked, I find I like this one to the point of really, really wanting to play his character's counterpart, especially since I can recycle my unsuccessful Puella Magi OC's name--the one I spent three goddamn days crafting--for her. DAMN YOU, sirusavi, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT


Anthy - Sub Rosa
As some of you already know, I came out of MU* retirement to app Anthy Himemiya at Battle Fantasia. Is anybody else thinking of or working on an app for an Utena character?